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Exodus Blue Trials Tips

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Choke Points

Choke points are scattered throughout this map, but this allows for good players to use these to their advantage, flank through unprotected choke points and pinch the enemy between different choke points as they try to escape.


Most used choke points were where people either pushed through ‘Blue Locomotive’ or pushed through ‘C Flag’ and ‘Closet’. These were easily stopped by an effective sniper, or a shotgun pushed up close to the point and pushing through after grenades.



An adept and aggressive sniper does well on this map, using the multiple heights and angles to their advantage during sniping situations. You need to be very careful when up high on Crates or on top of Tube or C Special, this makes it exceptionally difficult to get the revive when your orb is up high, and exposed.


  • C special to P.O.G.A (or the AC unit next to it)
  • Broken Wall and Inside Special to C and Closet
  • Alpha Field to Blue Locomotive
  • Inside Heavy (through tube) to Crates and Bravo Field (ALL the way back in their spawn)
  • Crates through the inside of B



Finding a team holed up inside C flag could be aggravating, especially if they were good at controlling the choke points and entrances to inside. The best way to deal with this was to flank and approach from 2 different points.

Send one or two teammates through Blue Locomotive all the way around to their spawn to split their defence of the choke points, or to distract them entirely, allowing you to push inside and have them fighting on multiple fronts.

I found an unsuspecting team was also vulnerable to a swift push straight through B, to their spawn, while they were looking for snipes down mid street past P.O.G.A.