Dragon Slayer

Published on: Aug 21, 2014 @ 15:54

In the recent gameplay trailer, after the narrator says that “there are enemies out here you would not believe,” we got to see a new (killable?) monster.


We’ve seen something that looks similar to this in the Beta, in the Shores of Time map on Venus.


Could either of these be the “champion” that the Dragon Slayer achievement alludes to?


Update: We now know at least one of the “champions” that this achievement is referring to.

[toggle title=”Achievement Spoiler” state=”close” ][/toggle]

If you’re skeptical, you better be careful! This weapon gives us some insight:


[divider] In other news, gamereactorTV talked with community manager David Dague at Gamescom. The lengthy interview covers multiplayer maps and modes as well the inclusion of difficulty levels, lessons learned from the beta, raid checkpoints & much more.

[divider] And finally, GameStop added a promotional image for The Dark Below expansion that’s being released in December. Tons of new content being added just 2 months after release!