Destiny’s Role-playing Elements

We’ve been blessed to see and hear some details about Destiny’s story, gameplay mechanics, even a bit of competitive multiplayer. But one element of the game that hasn’t been talked about a whole lot, would definitely have to be the role-playing. Now, this is probably due to the fact that, at the end of the day, what people care about most is gameplay mechanics, which is rightfully so. But if you’re a role-playing junkie like me, and love to immerse yourself into the game’s world, then I have some speculations that will get you excited.

Emote Engagment

When it comes to the role-playing aspects of the game, you really have to read between the lines to get those extra hints of info. Bungie representatives are always talking about how they want this game to be a world we can come back to. They’re making all the game modes apply to the story, so that we and our characters are always attached to the fiction, and therefore, the role-playing aspect of the game. You are your character. But what role-playing functions did they add to get that feeling across in-game and how deeply did they develop those functions towards achieving that feeling?

Whether it’s through emotes or dialogue, any role-playing game will give you some kind of function that resembles real life interaction. Now, along with the industrially rare ability to lower your gun, (thank you for that Bungie) we are also definitely getting emotes.  The control scheme photo below shows four different types of these emotes on the d-pad.


Point, wave, salute and of course, dance. All very useful emotes, (especially point. I’m going to be using that a lot) But isn’t something missing? Take a look at the next photo.

hunter chillen

Sitting! Yes, the grandfather of emotes. Nothing teases ones role-playing heart like the simple act of sitting down and taking a break from a day of pure carnage. Add to the fact that, in Destiny, when you plop your beautiful Guardian butt down, it’ll probably be to admire the gorgeous sunset over the horizon of Venus. But what is truly interesting about this, is the fact that sitting is NOT shown on the control scheme, which leads me to believe, that there will be more emotes than what is shown on the controls. I believe you will simply choose your four favorite emotes to apply to your d-pad from a list containing additional emotes that I’d I imagine they’d have available. Emotes like kneel, lay down, cheer, etc.

The other really interesting thing about this latest sitting-picture from Bungie, is the Guardian’s head position. It’s tilted to the left and angled upward, almost as if the Hunter is looking up towards the sky. I pray to the Lords of Bungie that this isn’t some kind  of character model tweaking they did on the Hunter using their own model creation software. I pray that this Guardian’s head is tilted this way because that’s where his camera is facing. Towards the sky. Imagine sitting with your fellow Guardians in-game, let’s get creative and say it’s during a war council. Everyone is gathered and discussing how the hell they’re going to accomplish the next raid, and player’s heads (not their whole bodies) are actually turning and facing towards whoever is speaking, based on where their own cameras are facing. This is a role-playing function in video games that has yet to be brought to such a level of realism. And I wouldn’t doubt Bungie to have reached that level.

As a side note about the knife in that picture, I wouldn’t count on being able to just stab your knife into the ground all nonchalant. That seems a little too good to be true for even Bungie to pull off. It was likely done by design software, or even from the Hunter’s knife throwing ability. (He jumps, throws the knife in the ground, then sit’s next to it for a creative picture.)

Guardian Dialogue

Now, I mentioned dialogue earlier too. There hasn’t been any official Bungie details about whether or not you will be able to choose what your character says to the game’s story NPC’s, (like Mass Effect, Star Wars: Old Republic. etc) however, check out what they did actually say about the game’s cinematics. “So if you’re playing in a co-op way,”  says design director Joe Staten. “We’re not going to do that crappy thing that happened in the old Halo games where, if you’re playing co-op, you don’t show up … you’re not the primary role.”

This tells me that they notice the importance of cinematics in a role-playing game. All Guardians involved in the cause of a cutscene will partake in the cutscene. And what do cutscenes have? Dialogue. I’d bet my last dollar that there will in fact be dialogue choice for Destiny. Hell, I’d even go as far to say that, during the E3 trailer, where the Warlock Guardian says “Why don’t you put that down so we can talk,” that was a chosen dialogue to say to the Awoken pointing the hand cannon at him. It’s a complete hunch, but it supports the idea of building a legend and “that kind of character you want to be,” too much to be pushed aside. This would be a new aspect for Bungie, but then again, so are a lot of the other aspects that this beautiful, game brings to the table.

That’s about all I’ve got for you guys. Feel free to discuss your opinions with me in the comments section below! Do you agree with my analysis? Do you disagree? Why or why not? Speculations are best shared with intelligent company such as yourselves. At the very least, I want to get some fun ideas about this game churning in your own heads. Hopefully I’ve done just that.

Keep your eyes Starside Guardians,
Medicine Man