Destiny’s Focus on Customization

Jogos UOL  recently interviewed Bungie software engineer, Christian Diefenbach about Destiny’s customization focus. The interview doesn’t present much in the way of new details, but an interesting read nonetheless.


Although Destiny explores various aspects of fiction, it is a shooter. [It’s] what Bungie does best. Since the project began, we thought to try something very remote from this area, where Bungie does [it’s] best work, actually would not be a good choice.

What we did was turn that concept on its head and add all these social elements, fantasy elements and some elements of this correlation with RPG games online, but Destiny is not an MMO, [Destiny] is a first-person shooter,” Diefenbach said.

Diefenbach goes on to explain:

The customization of armor, customizing the nature, different playing styles that we offer for the player, the different races and possibilities of appearance. All this is done to give the best possible player identification with the hero of the story.

The hero is a Guardian, is the last defense of humanity against the invading forces. This is a creation of the player, not that there is not a hero in the story, but the player is that hero.

The customization items are rewards you earn each time you complete a mission, you earn bonuses [from] playing. Sometimes they are not modified, but new equipment that can be used in the player’s character, as a new armor or helmet or equipment, you can use [on your own],” Diefenbach said.