Destiny’s Character Customization Explained

At GDC this year, Bungie explains that Destiny will allow players to enhance and customize their characters to a whole new level, “offering an ambitious number of skins, armor, weapons and other items for players to work with.”

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Bungie’s technical art lead Scott Shepherd discussed the work going into Destiny‘s extensive character creation system. Characters’ bodies are broken into four “slots”: the head, chest, arms and legs. Throughout Destiny, players will be able to collect new pieces that can be equipped into these slots. Shepherd said the development team is working to create a balance of power and aestheticism with these pieces, making them both functional and vital to gameplay progression but also visually appealing to players.

Shepherd detailed the basic design aesthetics Bungie is using for Destiny‘s three classes, the Hunter, Warlock and Titan. The Hunter class is meant to look like they scavenge the wilderness for gear, with capes torn to scraps and gear based off hazmat suits and gas masks. The Warlock class, the “warrior-scholars,” wear cloaks and robes with hardware tucked underneath. Inspiration for their outfits was drawn from a wide range of sources, from wizards to World War I soldiers. The Titan class is the most heavily armored of the three classes, with gear inspired by medieval armor layered over tight-fitting suits.

Bungie crafted pieces that could be used over and over within multiple armor sets. Shepherd said Destiny is a franchise Bungie wants to grow over the next decade, so the desire for longevity meant the customization system needed to be tailored to remain accessible for years. As players pick up gear, they need to be able to keep and use that gear as the game grows in the coming years.