Destiny will require “up to 40 GB”

For the Xbox One at least, images of the retail copy of Destiny have been revealed which show the storage space that we’ll eventually need. Those who have already pre-loaded Destiny – on either PS4 or Xbox One – know that the install size for the base game clocks in somewhere around 18GB, but the retail box claims the game’s full scale could reach as high as 40GB.

Of course, this is only a recommendation by Bungie. As the game progresses and the content expands, the GB size will inevitability get bigger too.

At launch Destiny’s game size is unlikely to be any more than 30 GB, though with the future expansions, it’s got some room to grow.

[divider] If you haven’t already picked yourself up a copy of the Destiny Limited edition Newsweek magazine and want to see what’s inside, Mesa Sean Gaming has a video overview of its contents.

[divider] Finally, have you ever wondered what Destiny would look like in 60 FPS? Video courtesy of Reddit user alexbull_uk