eververse trading company prices

Destiny Silver Prices

If you’ve been wanting to buy some new Emotes, today the Eververse Trading Company is opening its doors! All Rare Emotes can be purchased for 200 Silver, and everyone has 400 to spend now.

  • 500 Silver: $4.99 (Enthusiastic Dance & Slow Clap are 500)
  • 1000 Silver (+100 bonus): $9.99
  • 2000 Silver (+300 bonus): $19.99
Legendary Emotes cost 500 Silver ($5) and Rare Emotes cost 200 ($2)

You can buy Silver on the Xbox or PlayStation store.


Free Silver

Anyone who plays Destiny between now and December will receive 400+ free Silver.

If you bought the Digital Collector’s Edition early, you’ll get 2,000 more Silver: