Plague of Darkness

Published on: Jan 2, 2015 @ 5:30

Recently an image from inside the Bungie HQ was leaked. This photo shows what appears to be a timetable of events for Destiny, including expansion information and the first sighting of Plague of Darkness.

Unfortunately the quality of the image is poor, but we can definitely make out most of the information with certainty.

Keep in mind that even though this is a real leak, it’s old/outdated, so some of these details aren’t accurate.


house of wolves release date
Outdated timeline. Click to enlarge. House of Wolves release date confirmed for Q2.
E1: The Dark Below E2: House of Wolves (Q2) Comet: Plague of Darkness (Fall 2015) E3: Vex (Void?) E4: Forge of Gods
Missions 3 3 12 3 ?
Strikes 2 1 4 2 ?
Public Events 0 0 1 0 ?
Patrols 0 0 1 0 ?
Raids 1 1 1 1 ?
PvP Maps 3 4 6 ? ?


The new raid coming with the House of Wolves will most likely be located on the Reef, which we’ve known ever since the “Reef Raid” location was found in Destiny’s database.

destiny reef
Hopefully we’ll be able to walk around with the Queen!

As of now it’s called “The Arena” but not much else is known about it.

It’s unknown if we’ll be able to explore the Reef outside of “The Arena” raid.

house of wolves march release
House of Wolves will be released in Quarter 2

For those who missed our TDB/HoW data dump, we outlined what we know about the House of Wolves in this article. To recap…


Traitor’s Ketch – A Fallen Wolfship holding an infamous Walker has touched down in the Ocean of Storms. Breach the Ketch and see to this Walker’s end.

Crucible Maps

  • Black Shield – Firebase Thuria, Phobos
  • Thieves’ Den – Ishtar Sink, Venus
  • The Timekeeper – Meridian Bay, Mars
  • Widow’s Court – European Dead Zone, Earth

Story Missions

  • Gone to GroundSearch the Cosmodrome for the Wolf Kell who led the revolt against the Awoken.
  • The TerminusHunt the Wolves’ Kell who has seized control of the Vex Citadel.
  • Wolf HarvestTrack down the Queen’s traitorous Wolves hiding among the House of Winter.

Raid Armor


[divider]Destiny’s Next Big Release

Bungie recently talked about the ‘third subclass’ rumor, and now with the Plague of Darkness, it looks like we will have 3 new player builds (subclasses)! We’re assuming that there will be 1 additional subclass per class.

It shouldn’t be read as a tacit promise, but the fact that subclasses are swappable should make players excited about the future.

There’s also 2 new “weapon classes” with a “base level” of 30!

For anyone wondering what a “Comet” is, according to the contract, it’s a major downloadable content expansion pack-type software release for each Destiny Game.

I’m guessing that Comet’s will be sold for more than $20, include Expansion I & II, plus the new content it comes with… but that’s just my speculation. What do you guys think?

This will most likely be released in Fall 2015.

[divider]Hive Ship

Before The Dark Below was released, we speculated about the Crota’s End raid bosses. Of course many of these bosses were never seen. As you can see from this article, “Hive Ship” was included in the enemy code.

We assumed these enemies were in Crota’s End, but it looks like they’ll be introduced in Destiny’s next huge content update, Comet: Plague of Darkness.

As you can see from the image above, “Hive Ship” is a new location in Plague of Darkness.

  • Gnath, the Diviner — RaidHiveship0Major0
  • Cryth, the Siphon — RaidHiveship0Major1
  • Noctu, the Lightslayer — RaidHiveship0Major2
  • The Wall — RaidHiveship0Major3
  • Voldor, the Willkeeper — RaidHiveship0Major4
  • Divined Vision — RaidHiveship0Major5
  • Storgor, the Shatterer — RaidHiveship0Ultra0
  • The Veil — RaidHiveship0Ultra1
  • The Oversoul — RaidHiveship0Ultra2

There’s also “Asaru, the Navigator” from “StrikeHiveship1Ultra0″ – Ultra’s are bosses, so this is likely a new Strike boss!

[divider]New Venus Public Event

While poking around I also found the following new enemy names, which are probably in the Plague of Darkness new public event:

  • The Untethered One — EventVenusMajor0
  • Skaith Vandal — EventVenusMajor1