Destiny Beta Launch Possibly in May?

destiny beta

This is just speculation

If any of ya’ll read Bungie’s latest weekly update, you read this…

“…Luke Smith stopped by my desk. When he stops by, I listen. In the golden age of Halo 3, he walked this very beat. Now, he’s a game designer with grand conspiracies to send you screaming into the darkness of Destiny’s endgame. Like a veteran of the force, as he did the other day, he imparts his wisdom on rookie cops like me.

“Can you feel it?” he asked. “This is my favorite part. These next eight weeks are where it all comes together.”

“…This great time of reckoning will not be the end of our journey. If you’re thinking you’re two months from seeing this game on your shelf, I’m still here to ask you to put on the brakes. The next phase awaits, in which you’ll be invited to launch head-long into the world we’ve constructed, like a test pilot clad in exotic armor.”

If you read it carefully, Deej said “If you’re thinking you’re two months from seeing this game on your SHELF, I’m still here to ask you to put on the brakes.” Naturally, what he’s saying is that the game doesn’t come out in eight weeks, but he said nothing about the beta. It sounds like their deadline to have everything ready for the beta will be in about eight weeks. Now of course, that doesn’t mean the beta will be immediately available after those eight weeks. So adding in some breathing room of up to a month, I predict Destiny beta to launch somewhere in the month of May. If not may, then I believe it will definitely be early June.

Are you stoked? Because you should be. If you haven’t gotten your beta key yet, do it NOW. Get five dollars, go to Gamestop or any other participating retailer, and pre-order this game right, the flup, MEOW.  The wait is waning ever smaller. Give it three more months fellas, and our boots will be on the ground.

Keep your eyes starside Guardians,

Medicine Man