Designing Destiny’s UI

Published on: Oct 27, 2014 @ 5:03

A game as nuanced as Destiny requires a user interface that can present everything in a way that comes naturally and is easy to digest. [divider]

UI Design Process

The presentation below was intended for designers and artists, but if you’d like to learn about the challenges Bungie faced and ultimately what led them to the decisions they made to create the game UI, check out this presentation:

[slideshare id=39426502&doc=bravenewworlddesigningthedestinyui-davidcandland-140923090851-phpapp02]

We can thank David Candland, UI Design Lead at Bungie, for much of Destiny’s awesome UI design.

There will be a video accompanying this slideshow, and we’ll add that to the article when we have access to it!


Destiny’s Hair

In other BTS news, Destiny’s hair looks great, but are you curious about the process of making it? the design philosophies behind it? This PDF is a sort of BTS of the process that went into making the hair styles.