darkblade spite best rolls

PvP Roll Guide: Darkblade’s Spite


Darkblade’s Spite

  • Pros – Very high Impact. High Range.
  • Cons – Average Mag Size. Low Aim Assist, Reload Speed, and Stability. Very low Charge Rate.

Recommended Perks:

  • Column 1 – Red Dot-OAS, Red Dot-ORS1, Red Dot-ORES, TrueSight IS, SureShot IS
  • Column 2 – Hidden Hand, Hip Fire, Battle Runner, Kneepads
  • Column 3 – Braced Frame
  • Column 4 – Rangefinder, Life Support, Replenish, Grenadier, Army of One, Eye of the Storm, Icarus, Hot Swap

This fusion rifle┬ácomes with a host of wonderful sight options, including the ever popular Red Dot-OAS. OAS increases both stability and aim assist, two things that are very helpful on a fusion rifle. If you can’t get OAS, then ORS1 increases stability, range, and the zoom factor (helping for much tighter bolt spreads, and a longer maximum effective distance) and ORES increases stability, handling, reload speed, and range. TrueSight and SureShot both increase aim assist, reload speed, and handling by a decent amount, with small boosts to stability on top of that.

In the second column, Hidden Hand is the clear best out of some rather lackluster options. Hip Fire isn’t awful,although I don’t really recommend trying to fire from the hip outside of close range. Battle Runner and Kneepads offer some fun bonuses in terms of mobility, but neither are tier 1 choices.

Darkblade’s Spite is one of the few FRs in the game that can kill in 4 bolts, and, as such, Accelerated Coils is not recommended in the third column. Accelerated Coils increases the charge rate, but also decreases the impact, and will make it need 5 bolts to kill. As such, Braced Frame is the clear best choice, as it massively increases stability (which decreases the bolt spread when firing) without sacrificing any range.

In the last column, Rangefinder is again the clear best choice, due to the increased zoom, but almost all of the options here are usable. Life Support and Replenish are both very nice perks for PvP, helping you to either recover your health after a battle, or fill your magazine when you cast a super. Grenadier and Army of One can allow you to use grenade and melee abilities more often, and Eye of the Storm provides a small boost to accuracy when your health is low. Icarus is similar to Hip Fire, in that it can be good in some situations, but I don’t recommend trying to rely on it. Hot Swap is only this low because I’ve been completely unable to determine any noticeable positive effect that is has on FRs, in many hours of testing and reviewing clips.