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Crimson Bonds & Doubles Bounties

Crimson Days has begun! The festivities will last until February 16th, 1AM PST.

Need Elimination Doubles tips? Click here!

Additional classified quests were added to the database, but only Crimson Bonds is currently available:

b80f89f7155abb0324aabf8d501be08fCrimson Bonds Quest

1. Double Date

Complete 7 Crucible matches in the Crimson Doubles playlist while in a Fireteam.

2. Return to Shaxx

Go back to Lord Shaxx in the Hall of Guardians to receive your reward.



These bounties only work in the Crimson Doubles playlist. Teammates will also be able to help you with these.

Crimson Days has 1 Weekly Bounty, as well as 5 Daily Bounties that refresh with each Daily Reset during Crimson Days.

  • Crimson Precision – defeat opposing Guardians with Precision headshots
  • Master of Arms – defeat opposing Guardians with a variety of Primary weapon types.
  • Finish the Thought – assist or be assisted in defeating opposing Guardians.
  • Day of Victory – earn points; winning rounds in the Crimson Doubles playlist are worth 5. Round completions are worth 1.
  • Two Lights as One – defeat opposing Guardians with any ability.
  • Crimson Glory – earn points; wins in the Crimson Doubles playlist are worth 3 points. Match completions are worth 1.



(see this video for previews)

As Reddit user Avertia pointed out, “Yes” and “Nope” are free.



Shaders and Ghost Shells can drop at the end of matches. Ghost Shells will drop close to your Light, so if you’re going in at 250 Light, expect Shells within 20 points of that.

  • Rosebright
  • Valentine
  • Crimson Candy – all Fireteam members benefit from an experience boost gain on all equipped weapons for 30 minutes.
    • Consuming multiple Crimson Candies will not stack their effects, and they only need to be activated by a single member of a Fireteam at a time.
    • Crimson Connection buff does not stack with buffs granted by weapon telemetries.
  • Crimson Shell
  • Sugary Shell