Crimson Doubles Tips

Less Special

The thing to remember here is Level advantages are disabled, and, no matter what you use, if you die with some form of ammo in a special weapon, you can swap special weapons while dead and ammo will be retained.

You will find a lot of people using an Icebreaker for the first round for the generation of ammo, and they will swap back to their usual secondary while dead, transferring the ammo to their preferred choice of secondary. This also works for Invective.

Another thing of note is that Sidearms remain unaffected by the special ammo changes, without sidearm armour bonuses you should spawn in with 36 rounds first round if equipped. This gives you an option of a secondary weapon during the first round, and the ability to swap it when dead, or between rounds, to use the special ammo in a different weapon.


Damage Over Time

DoT is the best way to rule the day in this gamemode.

The Broken Heart buff maxes out a Guardian’s Recovery, Armour and Agility, along with increasing reload speeds substantially. This means they can take cover and have their health back in a matter of seconds, which is exactly where burning grenades, or weapons like Thorn, come into play.

Once they are affected by the burns/DoT effects they will be unable to recover their health, and will be very vulnerable. Firebolt Grenades (with Touch of Flame perk), Incendiary grenades and Thorn all provide damage over time.


Simultaneous Killing

The idea of trying to kill both enemies at the same time might seem difficult, but if you ‘pinch’ the enemy effectively with your teammate, you’ll get both to low health and kill them quickly.

This technique, trying to get the enemy low, or keep them low health, means you can take out the enemy without having to worry about the Broken Heart buff coming into effect. Once you kill one, the other will instantly get the buff, but they will already be low health and therefore exceptionally easy to kill. This, again, works exceptionally well with DoT weapons/grenades.


Orb control

Once you have a member of the enemy team down, making sure they stay dead is paramount. This puts the enemy player in a very bad position, despite the fact they have the Broken Heart buff, as they are unable to push the revive for fear of team shooting.

Make sure to get yourself into a good position to prevent the revive, push the remaining player and team shoot them. The orb is a honeypot, and they will either have to push through you both to get the revive, or they will have to run around and try and go for the flag at overtime.


Broken Heart

So, your fireteam member is down, what do you do next? The first thing you should instantly be asking yourself, is it possible to get the revive and prevent the enemy from pushing to your position? Use grenades to push back and prevent a push from an advancing team, this will give you crucial seconds to counter the push with your teammate when revived.

If your teammate is not immediately revivable, take cover, put yourself in a position where the enemy are both in front of you, preferably where they have to push through a choke point. This will mean you will be able to weaken enemies as they approach you, and you won’t have to worry about enemies coming at you from more than one direction.

You are not invincible, and you will be killed despite having higher armour by, amongst other things, a headshot from a sniper rifle, a hit with a rocket, a well placed shotgun blast and being stuck directly by either a Tripmine, Fusion or Magnetic grenade. Make sure to take a few seconds to recover when wounded, and avoid DoT if you can help it.

Remember once you get 1 of the enemy team down, you will be playing against somebody who has the buff as well, so you will want to avoid running into 1v2 situations, and try and take them on 1v1 or get one or both of them weak before engaging them.


Supers & Perks

I would definitely recommend changing your subclass perks to contribute towards gaining your super as fast as possible, with less kills to be gained, your super will be much less common and much harder to get. Perks like Gunfighter on Gunslingers and Untouchable on Defender Titans, Weapons like Bad JuJu and Armour with extra super for revives, or a Tarentella for Bladedancers.

Using your super to kill the last guardian standing is a good option, but it is best used against both enemies at the same time to prevent them having the extra armour and to get both enemies weak or dead quickly or at the same time. Save them for 1v1, 1v2 or 2v2 encounters, not against a 2v1 since you have the advantage.

Fireborn Sunsinger Warlocks are particularly dangerous in this gamemode; armed with ‘super burn’ firebolt grenades, and the ability to self-res and immediately have the Broken Heart bonus means they are formidable. When they self-revive, it is impossible to revive snipe headshot a warlock with the Broken heart buff unless they are shot by both of you simultaneously, with a sniper and primary for example, to make up the extra damage required.