crimson doubles 2v2 elimination guide

Crimson Doubles Guide

Crimson Days will last from February 9th – 16th and will showcase a new Doubles variant, with rewards and consumables relevant to the Valentine’s theme.

Level advantages are not enabled.

crimson doubles ghosts
Update: In response to the low drop rates, everyone who participated will get a Ghost!



Crimson Candy – Upon using this consumable, you and all other members of your fireteam gain increased experience gains on all equipped weapons for 30 minutes.

  • Ghost Shells
  • Shaders
  • Emblem
  • Emotes

If you’re like me and are still searching for that perfect 320 Shell, this is a good place to get it.

Crimson Doubles features new gameplay mechanics with a unique buff. The mode itself is 2v2 Elimination, which means it will be round based, and there are no respawns, only revives. The unique buff becomes active when your teammate dies.

broken heart buffMax out your armor, recovery, agility, and weapon handling if your teammate sucks dies. You must go in with someone – no matchmaking for solo play.


Doubles Tips

Elimination Doubles, with a side of rage. Lots of sniping. The general strategy may be to get one down and then control the orb. Or you could do a hard shotgun rush, but that could be countered easily by back–pedaling and proper grenade placement.

My strategy is going to be sticking my with mate and communicating effectively: callouts man! You don’t want to be so close to your friend that you both get taken out by a single grenade or super, but you also don’t want to be so far apart that you get cut off and double teamed. Positioning and map awareness is going to be key.

If you manage to down an opposing Guardian, push up and capitalize on that advantage, but wary of the last man standing with Broken Heart. Your best bet is to double-team them with a coordinated strike, well placed ‘nades to prime them, or baiting them in to a trap.

If you find that you have the buff – run fast, recover fast, switch weapons/aim fast, and take a few more hits before you go down – this doesn’t make you invincible by any means though. When you’re the last Guardian standing, your goal is to make every engagement a 1v1. If you end up getting double-teamed, it is very unlikely that you will win (unless you’re a striker titan, then you might have a pretty good chance).

Use your grenades and maneuvering abilities to bait the enemy through tight corridors and around quick corners. Make the opposing guardians play YOUR game! Be brave and trust in your ability to win. Use your buff to jump back in the fight and outmaneuver, or sit back and use the other orb as bait.

The more information you have on the other team, the more likely it is that you will be able to outplay them. Elimination is a highly competitive game mode already and I’m expecting it to move even faster since it is 2v2.

Last but not least, Fireborn Sunsinger… the ability to self-revive in a revive-only gametype can be used to make massively impressive plays. Expose when they’re not expecting it.

All in all, play as a team and play smart. Elimination is very unforgiving. A single wrong move can cost a round and a single round can be enough to swing the momentum enough to cost the match. Doubles is a very tight-knit, small teams tactics game type. It requires teamwork and strategies to outsmart your opponents. Crimson Doubles is a combination of both of these and will definitely open up the crucible to some red-hot action.

Find your partner. May it be someone who you can trust to join you in the heat of battle; who won’t back down when faced with impossible odds; who will go to infinite lengths to avenge you when you fall. Dig down and find inventive, imaginative ways to ask them into the fray with you. Have some fun with it! <3