Competitive Multiplayer Trailer

The official trailer for the Crucible was unveiled today at Gamescom!

“Enter the Crucible to hone your skills against other Guardians in competitive multiplayer arenas that span the solar system. As you engage in multiplayer combat, victory will earn you special armor, weapons, and gear that you can take with you into every single mode of play.”


For more in-depth descriptions of the Crucible modes, click here.



Derek Carroll, Destiny’s senior designer, and Eric Osborne, Head of Community, talk about some additional details about the game’s competitive arenas in this article from Gamespot.

Launch is going to be a great new beginning for us. We’ll be able to see what players do, where they go, and react in ways we never could before. Of course, we’re really excited about what that means for our competitive multiplayer game, but it’s also a support philosophy that we’re expanding to cover the full breadth of Destiny.