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PD Podcast #71

Podcast #71 found the crew putting their heads together in an attempt to find out just what Bungie has up their sleeve as the summer approaches. 01:00 – A brief chat about that ammo glitch from last Tuesday. 11:00 – Did Bungie just drop a hint at the story in Destiny 2? 21:15 – When will we finally see more of the Kell of Kings? 44:00 – The crew spills the beans on the funnest times they’ve had in the Patrol. 50:00 – A potential Bungie employee asks the crew an important question. 1:06:30 – A few pieces of advice

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Tower Talk #21: Iron Wolves Unite!

The crew is joined by BBKDRAGOON for a fun chat about what’s coming! 01:30 – A brief chat about the investors call Activision held a couple of weeks ago and why Destiny’s in-game purchases are going to stick around. 02:30 – Will the newest update be available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360? These two console’s have slowed Bungie’s update schedule in the past, will they continue to do so in the future. 06:20 – Just what is Lord Saladbar doing during those 3 – 4 week breaks? 09:35 – Will Bungie drop Destiny 1 support when Destiny 2 comes

Tower Talk #20: Memorable Loot

01:35 – Why is the Grasp of Malok a terrific PvE gun? 06:15 – Overwatch vs Destiny 10:25 – Just how much info can we expect to trickle out of E3? 14:11 – Just how much of player progress will bleed over into Destiny 2? Can fans expect a “clean slate”? 20:10 – What are the similarities between Destiny and Borderlands? Whatever happened to all of those Exotic-drops from Omniguls? 23:20 – Will we be able to get loot through other means in Destiny 2?

New Debts – Chapter 1

It was winter in the Last City when I lost my eyes. It was cold, cloudy, and dry that day.  The snow that remained on the streets had frozen the night before when the temperature dropped. Our vehicles were barely warm by the time we pulled up at our raid target site. I’d been a member of the LCPD for five years at that point—a member of Armed Response Team for three of those. The idea of kicking down doors while wearing body armor was no longer exciting and cool to me, but the hazard pay was good. With a