The Daughters of Praedyth (Chapter 2)

The Tower. It wasn’t the only tower in the Last City, of course, but people just referred to it as “The Tower”. The warlocks actually had their own building where they studied, worked, and some even lived. It was a strange building, filled with the idiosyncratic personalities of those who were equal parts cloistered academic and maniacal warrior. Jale knew she could find Ikora Rey in the Vanguard briefing room. She was easily accessible most of the time. At least, you could talk to her—whether she listened or not was often an unknown. Ikora Rey had driven more than one

The Daughters of Praedyth (Chapter 1)

Prison wasn’t so bad once you learned to ignore everything about it. Kvioh had lost track of the number of months she’d been locked in this same metal bubble. After the first three months, she’d just stopped keeping track and found other ways to pass the time. Her cell was only about two meters across. Strips of lights across the ceiling turned on and off at regular intervals, approximating a day/night cycle. The curving walls boasted everything a crazed killer like herself might want: a toilet, a sink, a bed which doubled as a seat. Capsules about the size of