Concepts That Shaped Destiny

The art of Destiny is one of the unique qualities that makes it stand out from many games in recent memory. Many guardians can still remember the first time their boots hit the soil of the Cosmodrome and how breathtaking the environment was. From the four-eyed enemies to the rusting relics of the golden age, the imagery ignited a passion for exploration that shaped our journeys through this universe. Bungie Developer Chris Barrett and Community Manager Deej recently sat down with IGN to discuss how the art influenced game design, as well as share previously unreleased Destiny concept art. As

Massive Breakdown Podcast

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destiny venus story

The Daughters of Praedyth (Chapter 4)

Sweet Susie’s fury at Jale’s deception blew itself out like a summer thunderstorm. She cursed Jale for a gullible, lying idiot. She offered to ventilate Jale’s foolish head, as a few openings into her thick cranium couldn’t hurt matters and might let in a bit of sense. Jale accepted all this quietly, with equanimity and humility. Every so often she glanced at Christina while Sweet Susie railed. The void warlock had produced a coin from somewhere and was playing it along the backs of her fingers, rolling it from one side her hand to the other and back, while she