Wrath of the Machine Guide

Be sure to pick up the Wrath of the Machine Quest from Shiro-4 beforehand. [divider] Vosik, the Archpriest (Part 1) Kill the Voltage Eater as soon as possible. Someone needs to pick up 4 stacks of Voltage and run to a Foundry Spinner. After enough stacks of Voltage in a Foundry Spinner, it will produce SIVA charges. Throw the SIVA charges at Vosik; they deal massive damage. Once his shield is down, and there’s no more SIVA charges to throw, deal as much damage as possible with regular weapons. Vosik, the Archpriest (Part 2) Vosik is immune to regular weapons until his shield is


Super Good Advice: 10 Rise of Iron Tips

On Decryption For A Quick Boost to Light Level (thanks, /u/akatsukix) Buy a Ghost from the Vanguard Rep before decoding any engrams. It comes at 350 light. Then buy the class item from the Speaker or from Shiro-4, which also comes at 350 light. There you go! Now you can start decoding engrams at an instantly-higher light level. Decrypt Cleverly A new expansion means a higher light level. In this case, the new cap is 385. As you progress through the campaign, strikes, and crucible content accompanying the release, you’ll get new engrams dropping at higher light. To maximize your


How to Get Khvostov 7G-0X

You asked, Bungie delivered. Rise of Iron is all about nostalgia, and it is now possible to get an exotic variant of the venerable Khvostov 7G-02 rifle you received at the very beginning of Destiny. It’s a beauty, too. The firing mode, ROF, and weapon perks are all variable, meaning that (in theory) you can tailor this Golden Age powerhouse to fit any situation. To get your hands on it, you’ll have to track down a series of Golden Age directions and weapon parts. [divider] Step 1: Obtain the Weapon Schematic Method 1: Dismantle an original Khvostov to receive the

destiny gunslinger guide

Gunslinger Modifiers Guide

  Hey everyone, Dukaness here with the third part of the Gunslinger viability analysis. Part 1 and Part 2 covered Grenades and Throwing Knives. This article focuses on the all of the modifiers in the Gunslinger Skill Tree. [divider] Keyhole Some people swear by Keyhole, which effectively lets you get collateral kills with your Golden Gun if your targets are lined up. Although it has the potential to get some flashy multi kills, enemies in the Crucible don’t line up and funnel through frequently enough to warrant its use. This modifier is better used for cleaning up groups of ads in

Weekly Reset Guide

Note: All King’s Fall challenge modes are available! [divider] Nightfall Brawler, Void Burn, Grounded and Trickle What a fun nightfall this is going to be… not. Trickle is almost universally hated, but having Void Burn will balance it slightly. Make sure you stay on the ground, watch out for Minotaurs and Cyclopses, get your Dark Drinker ready. Subclass Builds Warlock: Voidwalker is the obvious shoe in, but combatting Trickle is always difficult, and I would not be relying on abilities – bar one. Put your Ram on, all your melee’s (with Brawler, no less) will trigger life steal, which is

rise of iron max light

Quickly Gaining Gear & Light in Rise of Iron

Specific Gear & Weapons My number one objective in Rise of Iron is to get a God Roll version of Dead Orbit’s new shotgun, the Last-Ditch 001. It’s the same archetype as the beloved Matador 64, and you can watch gameplay with it in this video that shows off its deadliness. I want this shotgun because I normally use a shotgun in Trials of Osiris and need to remain competitive. I’m also considering getting into tournament play. Now, I know only a small portion of the player base will be entering tournaments, and maybe you don’t even play PvP. If that’s your case,

destiny gunslinger grenade guide

Gunslinger Grenades Analysis

Hey everyone, Dukaness here with an analysis focused on the Gunslinger. This will be a three part mini-series. The next two analyses will feature Throwing Knives and then the other modifiers in the Gunslinger skill tree. The only focus of this analysis is the Gunslinger’s grenades. I will explain how much damage each grenade does and then offer suggestions for what I believe are the best ways to use each grenade. [divider] Trip Mine The Facts We’ll start with the Trip Mine. In the June update, Bungie eliminated the possibility of sticking an enemy with a Trip Mine, however, a

rise of iron private matches

Private Matches & Supremacy Guide!

Private Matches are finally coming to Destiny’s Crucible! Confirmed in today’s live stream, this news largely overshadows all of the other Rise of Iron information revealed, and rightly so! As you can see here, the new Private Match menu gives Guardians a massive level of control, with potential settings including all current and previous Crucible Game Modes except Crimson Doubles and Sparrow Racing League. We can now play any game type on any map (provided all players own the DLC and are on the right console), with team sizes ranging from 1 to 6 on either side. Teams can even