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Best Legendary Primary Weapons

SUROS PDX-45 (Gunsmith) Pros – High Stability. Cons – Low Range. Recommended Perks: SPO-28 Perfect Balance, High Caliber Rounds, Hammer Forged, Fitted Stock Counterbalance, Hidden Hand, Rangefinder, Headseeker Rifled Barrel/Smallbore Many Guardians have been waiting for months for the Gunsmith to bring us the perfect roll (and new weapons). If you aren’t lucky enough to get Perfect Balance, then Smallbore is the best option in the final column, and either of the other three second column options will work. You can even match Smallbore with Perfect Balance to achieve literally maximum Stability, but you won’t get as much range as

Crucible Weapon Reviews

Cryptic Dragon Pros – High stability and mag size. Above average reload speed and aim assist. Cons – Slow optimal Time-to-Kill. Below average range. Recommended PvP Perks: Red Dot-OAS, Red Dot-ORES, Red Dot-ORS1, TrueSight IS Crowd Control, Zen Moment Braced Frame, Hand-laid Stock, Injection Mold, Explosive Rounds, High Caliber Rounds Reactive Reload Recommended PvE Perks: Red Dot-OAS, Red Dot-ORES, Red Dot-ORS1, TrueSight IS Triple Tap, Crowd Control, Zen Moment Hand-laid Stock, Injection Mold, Explosive Rounds Firefly, Outlaw Highly recommended! Looking at PvP first, the time-to-kill on the slow side, sitting at 1.00s, which puts it outside of the window to be

Legendary Scout Rifle Reviews

Hand of Judgment Pros – Very high range. Neutral – Average reload speed. Cons – Poor stability. Below average mag size and aim assist. Recommended PvP Perks: Red Dot-OAS, Red Dot-ORES, Red Dot-ORS1, TrueSight IS Hand-Laid Stock, Braced Frame, Perfect Balance, Injection Mold, Smallbore High Caliber Rounds/Explosive Rounds, Lightweight, Snapshot Hidden Hand/Zen Moment, Crowd Control, Life Support, Outlaw, Eye of the Storm, Firefly This House of Judgment scout rifle is a rare a drop, but it’s easy to pull a great roll from it. Aim assist is low for scout rifles as a whole, but high on this one. TrueSight is a little cluttered for

Crucible Legacy Weapon Reviews

All of these are obtained from rank-up packages. Grim Citizen III Pros – Very high Range. Cons – Low stability & slow reload. Recommended Perks: Red Dot-OAS, Red Dot-ORES, Red Dot-ORS1, SureShot IS Rangefinder, Crowd Control, Persistence Perfect Balance, Hand-laid Stock, Fitted Stock, Injection Mold, Smallbore, Rifled Barrel, Hand Loaded Hidden Hand, Feeding Frenzy, Grenadier A member of the high-Impact archetype, not used much anymore. If you can’t get the recommended perks, don’t feel bad – try another primary until this gets a buff. [divider] The Saterienne Rapier Pros – High Range & Stability. Cons – Low mag size. Recommended

How to Unlock the Final Monitor (Outbreak Prime)

The word is out: hardworking Guardians cracked the ARG code and the in-game puzzle to unlock a quest leading to that crazy SIVA-fied Exotic Pulse Rifle we’ve all been wondering about: Outbreak Prime. [divider] Step 1: Activate Prior Monitors The entire raid party needs to stay together; no one should leave to go to Orbit or you’ll risk the Monitors resetting. Step 2: Server and Canister Rooms You’ll need a full fireteam of 6 to pull this off! Here are the roles you need to hand out: Column Monitor: This Guardian heads to the left (from the entrance) Monitor in the

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7 Crucible Tips

In Destiny, even after you’ve landed the first shot, your opponent sometimes has more than enough time to fight back or run away. Reflexes alone won’t be enough, so you’ll need a solid combination of strategy and gunskill. Radar It’s got crazy range and you should almost never be surprised if you can get good at reading it. I know it looks a bit confusing, and it doesn’t show you exactly where an opponent is like it would in Halo or CoD, but it’s a powerful tool once you understand it. The pie slices light up as enemies approach, starting first

Best Legendary Hand Cannons

The Lingering Song Pros – Possibility of killing very low armor players with 2 crit shots. Very high range. Cons – Low stability & reload speed. Recommended PvP Perks: Iron Lordly Sights Braced Frame, Smallbore, Hammer Forged, Rifled Barrel Feather Mag, Explosive Rounds, High Caliber Rounds, Quickdraw, Single Point Sling Luck in the Chamber, Rangefinder, Hidden Hand, Third Eye, Firefly Recommended PvE Perks: Iron Lordly Sights Hammer Forged Explosive Rounds, High Caliber Rounds, Quickdraw, Single Point Sling Firefly, Rangefinder, Hidden Hand, Third Eye This is a niche hand cannon, but can do something only two other Y3 hand cannons can: 2 shot kill. That