zen meteor exotic review

Zen Meteor Exotic Review

Complete awareness, complete focus. A mind sharpened by diligence to a single deadly point. Zen Meteor is an Exotic sniper rifle that’s exclusive to PS until the next expansion. 8.2/10 9/10 The good: Useful perks & incredible DPS. The bad: Small magazine & high recoil. Conclusion: Badass, hits hard, and totally beautiful. This is an Exotic WeaponSniper Rifle (Special Weapon) Solar Base Damage300/335 Best In?PvE Rate of Fire 19 Impact 37 Range 90 Stability 24 Reload 52 Magazine Size 3 Aim Assist 80 Equip Speed 35 Recoil Direction 80 Zoom 50 Talent Upgrades Tree DYNAMITE Grants explosive rounds. Rapid kills

zhalo supercell exotic auto rifle review

Zhalo Supercell Exotic Review

An upcycled torrent of righteous thunder. Zhalo Supercell is a new Exotic primary auto rifle that was introduced with The Taken King – this weapon can be sold by Xur!. 8.5/10 9.4/10 The good: Strong PvE perks, elemental primary. The bad: Average stats. Conclusion: One of the best PvE primary weapons! This is an Exotic WeaponAuto Rifle (Primary Weapon) Arc Base Damage280/? Best In?PvE Rate of Fire 88 Impact 8 Range 28 Stability 46 Reload 72 Magazine Size 36 Aim Assist 80 Equip Speed 90 Recoil Direction 80 Zoom 15 Talent Upgrades Tree ZHALO SUPERCELL Arc projectiles have the chance