Pocket Infinity Exotic Review

“You cannot shake the feeling that this is less a weapon than a doorway.” Pocket Infinity is a Special Exotic Fusion Rifle that deals Solar damage. Received a nerf – Enhanced Battery upgrade was replaced with Speed Reload.   This weapon can be acquired by completing the Shattered Memory Fragment Exotic Bounty. Expert Panel Score: 7.5/10 The good: Full auto, reload speed. The bad: Recoil, poor range. Conclusion: Versatile, devastating, fun to use. Read the full review here This is an Exotic Weapon Fusion Rifle (Special Weapon) Solar Base Damage/Upgraded260/300 Quality Lvl70 Charge Rate 10 Impact 78 Range 25 Stability

Plan C Exotic Review

Contributing author: Joel; updated 3/27/15 “Good fighters have contingency plans. Great fighters don’t need them.” Plan C is an Exotic fusion rifle that deals Arc damage. This weapon can be acquired randomly as a reward in PvE or PvP or sold by Xûr. 9.3/10 8.7/10 The good: High range, stability, & quick reload speed. The bad: Charge rate (without the unique perk) is average. Conclusion: The most reliable fusion rifle. Read the full review here This is an Exotic WeaponFusion Rifle (Special Weapon) Arc Base Damage/Upgraded300/331 Quality Lvl70 Impact 87 Range 50 Stability 46 Reload 100 Charge Rate 22 Magazine

Red Death Exotic Review

“Vanguard policy urges Guardians to destroy this weapon on sight. It is a Guardian killer.” Red Death is a primary Exotic pulse rifle that deals Kinetic damage. This weapon can be acquired as a random reward from the Crucible or PvE content, or from Xûr for 23 Strange Coins. Expert Panel Score: 8/10 The good: Looks great, hard hitting, very useful perks. The bad: Low range and rate of fire. Conclusion: One of the best Pulse Rifles! Read the full review here This is an Exotic WeaponPulse Rifle (Primary Weapon) Kinetic Base Damage/Upgraded260/300 Quality Lvl70 Rate of Fire 66 Impact 26 Range

thorn exotic review

Thorn Exotic Review

This review has been updated! Click here to read/watch the updated review. “To rend one’s enemies is to see them not as equals, but objects—hollow of spirit and meaning.” – 13th Understanding, 7th Book of Sorrow Thorn is rewarded to you after completing the long quest line, starting with the Exotic Bounty “A Light in the Dark“ mission. Thorn is a slow but powerful Hand Cannon that deals Kinetic (physical) damage. After leveling up the weapon you will end up with a very formidable Hand Cannon that rewards a slow, methodical playstyle. Expert Panel Score: 6/10 The good: Damage over time,

Bad Juju Exotic Review

“If you believe your weapon wants to murder all existence, then so it will.” – Toland the Shattered This scaled beast is a reward from an Exotic Bounty mission. Bad Juju is a primary Exotic pulse rifle that deals Kinetic (physical) damage. It can be obtained by choosing the Exotic Bounty Toland’s Legacy after obtaining the Vanguard Mentor Missive. Expert Panel Score: 3/10 The good: A beast at killing simple enemies, instant reload. The bad: Small magazine size, rough recoil, low impact, constant reloading in PvP, glows in the dark. Conclusion: Don’t get this weapon unless you are collecting Exotics. Read the full review here This is