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Ghost Shell Designs

PD forum member Raxs created some amazing Ghost shells! Click the image to enlarge it.  I spent a few hours the other day Modelling a Destiny Ghost from scratch in blender, which you will recognize below. I then modified the model and created new texture maps to create my own custom ghost shells. These are some of my interpretations, I have made one for each level of rarity and have included descriptions and how I personally perceive they would be obtained.   You can see actual Destiny Ghost Shells in our database.

Hunters, I’ve got a story to tell

Story by Reddit user Top-hat_Tom-cat[divider] Come on, come on, don’t be shy; it’s a good one. Now we’ve all seen things out on patrol, but this one tops my list of just plain unnerving. A month or two ago, I was out patrolling on Venus. The House of Winter had become quite adventurous since Draksis’ untimely death, and I was tracking a scouting group moving into Vex territory. It went about as well as you’d expect. I was about to leave after watching their Captain get deleted by a particularly nasty Axis Minotaur when out the corner of my scope I