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Armsday Recommendations

SUROS ARI-41 Feather Mag / Hammer Forged – Lightweight / Hand-laid Stock – Focused Fire Appended Magazine / High Caliber Rounds – Lightweight / Reinforced Barrel – Rodeo Feather Mag / High Caliber Rounds – Single Point Sling / Reinforced Barrel – Hip Fire None of these rolls are spectacular, so we’d recommend you wait until next week. Look out for perks like Hidden Hand for PvP or Spray and Play or Feeding Frenzy for PvE. Tamar-D Private Eye – Partial Refund – Explosive Rounds / Armor Piercing Rounds / Injection Mold Counterbalance – Feeding Frenzy – Explosive Rounds /

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Sandbox/Crucible Predictions

On February 14th, Hotfix hit the Destiny arena. With it we saw a number of changes that took effect in the Crucible ranging from subclass abilities to ammo economy.  Age of Triumph will be our final live event in Destiny 1, so it’s possible that the accompanying Sandbox Update – Twitch preview stream scheduled for tomorrow – will contain the final changes we see to the Crucible until Destiny 2.  Bungie moved us into a  special ammo economy that reflects their status as “power” weapons with one-hit-kill potential as opposed to an endless primary option. Trials has its shortcomings, but the

rusted lands trials tips

Rusted Lands Trials Tips

[divider] Choke Points The ‘Tunnel’ callout marked on this map was called ‘Suicide’ for my teammates and stream viewers for good reason; unless you know there is no one even remotely close to it, it is suicide to try and push down there. It is by far the biggest choke point and incredibly tough to revive anyone stuck down there. To avoid the chokepoints seen: You can try and push over the top of the wall in C Yard, or go below C and use the corridor underneath which many people do not suspect. ‘Ninja’ is a well known spot,

Daybreak Strikes – Weekly Rituals

Age of Triumph Releases March 28! Utter Mayhem The ‘Daybreak‘ Nightfall modifier will cause all of your abilities to charge up very fast. Daybreak will also encompass the ‘Epic’ modifier within it. Daybreak will be a rotating modifier, available once per month. However, beginning on July 18th through August, it’s going to be one of the Nightfall modifiers each week. [divider] “Generous as Heck” Bungie’s goal for Age of Triumph is for it to be the most rewarding experience we’ve had. Blue Flames & an XP boost will be making a return for players that complete the Nightfall. Players will have the chance to earn more

gunsmith armsday

Armsday Recommendations

Lyudmila-D Crowd Control – Rodeo – Single Point Sling / Speed Reload / Injection Mold Glass Half Full – Feeding Frenzy – High Caliber Rounds / Speed Reload / Injection Mold Last Resort – Spray and Play – Single Point Sling / Speed Reload / Injection Mold This is a solid PvE roll with bonuses across the board. Glass Half Full offers a solid PvE damage increase, Feeding Frenzy can always be counted on for a reload increase and Injection Mold offers a quality handling and stability boost at the cost of a bit of range. This roll won’t change

Age of Triumph – Stream Recap

Community Manager Deej sat down with Designers Ryan Paradis and Joe Blackburn to unveil updated Raids, revamped rewards, and more! [divider] Record Book The record book for Age of Triumph will be the largest record book to date in Destiny. It features 13 pages and includes a mix of achievements waiting to be done as well as others that will be retroactive. The first page of the book rewards players based on what they have accomplished at certain points in Destiny’s lifespan. Guardians that completed an activity pre-Dark Below will be given a special emblem, and there will be other

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Final Live Event, Releasing March 28th!

[divider] ALL of the Raids are being updated to current Light Updated Vex Mythoclast to current Light The entire Record Book does not need to be fully completed to claim the shirt New rewards coming from all raids, including King’s Fall & WoTM Featured Raids each week, new challenge modes, and Ornament Rewards Crota’s End will be the first Featured Raid, followed by VoG Every raid will have new ornamental armor Light level isn’t being increased past 400 Record Book has pages for Crucible, Trials, Strikes, Raids, Collecting, Classes, Factions, & Seniority