The Cabal

The Cabal are a large, rhino-like species that inhabit Mars. They are powerful, especially at close range, and are well armored with body armor and, for some classes, thick shields. They are predominantly militaristic in nature (Spartans/Romans).

Community member DBMgamer0722 has a great video revealing all of the Cabal classes, as well as touching on some of their symbolism.

Imagine a Roman legion, populated by cloned versions of Rocksteady from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and you’ll have a sense of the brute power and militaristic might brought forth by the cabal, a race of steamrolling conquerors who tend to solve problems by blowing them up. The Cabal have a history of taking over entire planets without much trouble, which makes them a serious threat to any Guardian, as well as the Last City. Oh, and many Cabal use jetpacks. Aim High.


  • Psions: Seemingly an indentured race, Psions pilot the ships used by their race to crush entire civilizations. Though they boast mental powers, that’s nothing a well-placed headshot can’t solve.
  • Legionnaires: Frontline soldiers who can create a nearly impenetrable wall, they’ll teach you to appreciate your heavy weapon slot.
  • Centurions: They are bigger than Legionnaires but equipped with energy shields and rocket launchers, which make it easier for them to pummel you from a distance and force you into cover.
  • Colossus: Cabal transports are very (very) big, partly because they have to cart these behemoths around. A Cabal Colossus carries a gatling gun and a sense of invincibility that comes with being the size of a world wonder.


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