Breakdown of 2.4.0: Sidearms, Snipers, Lyudmila, & Mid-Impact Auto/Pulse Rifles

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High-Impact Snipers

388 Crit, 156 Body

  • Can still Super Snipe opposing Guardians who are at 6 armor or lower.
  • AA and flinch changes were not very noticeable.

Dreg’s Promise

33 Crit, 27 Body

  • Using Aggressive Ballistics allows you to kill with 2 bursts (6 crits) in 0.50s.
  • Unfortunately the damage drop off is severe, and the lack of hitscan makes anything outside of very close range difficult to hit.
  • Using it in close range results in a lot of trades with shotguns, but it is much better than it was before.

High-RoF Sidearms

60 Crit, 48 Body

  • Non-hitscan sidearms can roll Aggressive Ballistics, which brings their body shots to kill down to 4, and gives them an optimal and body shot TtK of 0.60s.
    • It also kills range, aim assist, and stability, so take your pick.
  • Hitscan variants can’t roll barrel perks, so they’re basically the same as they were before.
  • Vestian Dynasty got a really bad recoil pattern nerf.

Low-RoF Sidearms

61 Crit, 49 Body

  • Crow’s Eye can roll with a barrel perk that increases impact, which brings the body shots to kill down to 4, and makes it have an optimal and body shot TtK of 0.70s.


  • Shaved one frame off of the burst delay.
  • New Optimal TtK – 0.77s 2 bursts (7 crit 1 body)
  • New Body TtK – 1.33s 3 bursts (12 body)

Mid-Impact ARs

20 Crit, 16 Body

  • No change to damage, but the damage falloff does start a bit later.

Mid-Impact PRs

30 Crit, 20 Body

  • Optimal TtK stays the same, at 1.00s, but only needs 6 crits and 1 body, instead of 7 crits. Body shot TtK drops to 1.50s.