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Armsday Recommendation Guide

Contributing author: Alex R.

Incoming Shipments

#2 or 3 SUROS DIS-47

  1. Perfect Balance/Feather Mag | Unflinching | Speed Reload/Hand-Laid Stock
  2. Hammer Forged/Appended Magazine | Rangefinder | Speed Reload/Rifled Barrel
  3. Perfect Balance/Oiled Frame | Hidden Hand | Single Point Sling/Hand-Laid Stock

Last week, we told you to wait for something better. This week, we got it! Hidden Hand is awesome for helping your bullets find their targets, improving aim assistance and bullet magnetism. Perfect Balance and Hand-Laid Stock go hand in hand to maximize the stability of this fast-firing Scout Rifle, maximizing its potential in both PvE and PvP.

Roll 2 with leave you with insane Range (and thus very consistent headshots). I would run Appended Mag / Rifled Barrel over Hammer Forged / Speed Reload. The gun will have some bounce due to the RoF, but the crazy range and accuracy should keep you on target.

On the other hand, Roll 3 is a more classical setup, with Perfect Balance and Hidden Hand keeping the gun laser-like in mid-long range combat. Single Point Sling is the clear choice in the 3rd slot.

#2? Arminius-D

  1. Hot Swap | Feeding Frenzy | Single Point Sling / Speed Reload / Braced Frame
  2. Partial Refund | Persistence | Single Point Sling / Fitted Stock / Braced Frame
  3. Rodeo | Danger Close | Single Point Sling / Speed Reload / Rifled Barrel

Some of these rolls may seem appealing, but we highly recommend you wait until this gun comes with Counterbalance. This perk is absolutely essential for fixing the recoil on fast-firing Auto Rifles. Past that, you’ll want Braced Frame or Rifled Barrel for extra range or stability. As for the final perk, Hot Swap or Army of One couldn’t hurt.

If you’re looking for a solid max RoF Auto Rifle and can’t get a DoP to save your life, you could do much worse than Roll 2. Braced Frame is a great Stability perk and really evens this gun out. Add in Persistence and your 80 Aim Assist climbs even higher. You will probably catch a lot of assists with this gun, which means that you not be reloading very often, which, in turn, means more shooty shooty.

#3 Lyudmila-D

  1. Army Of One | Zen Moment | HC Rounds / Fitted Stock / Hand-laid Stock
  2. Surrounded | Rangefinder | Snapshot / Hand Loaded / Hand-laid Stock
  3. Headseeker | Zen Moment | Single Point Sling / Fitted Stock / Hand-laid Stock

Yet again, while there are a few decent rolls this week, Counterbalance is just too overpowered not to wait for. Roll #2 almost looks good with Rangefinder and Hand-Laid Stock, but Surrounded just isn’t good enough for us to recommend the roll as a whole. If you’re going into PvE, #3’s Headseeker is a great way to increase DPS.

The combo of Zen Moment and Hand-Laid Stock will do some work in reining this weapon’s horrible recoil in, but let’s be real – it’s basically a has-been whose time has come and gone. Without a consistent possibility for skilled shooters to 2-burst, it just fires too slowly to be any good. Unless and until Bungie bumps high impact pulse rifles back up a little higher on the damage scale, this gun has no value proposition worth hearing.

#2 Uffern HC4

  1. Zen Moment | Single Point Sling / Braced Frame | Rescue Mag / Surrounded
  2. Mulligan | Snapshot / Rifled Barrel | Triple Tap / Exhumed
  3. Mulligan | Lightweight / Braced Frame | Rescue Mag / Eye of the Storm

This Hand Cannon needs range badly, but the only roll with a chance to increase range has weak supporting perks. With perks like Third Eye, Outlaw, Luck in the Chamber and Firefly in the pool, we’d recommend waiting until some of these are available.

Roll 2 is our clear winner here – it’s not even a contest as the other rolls don’t bring any Range boosts to the table, Mulligan is okay – you’ll probably miss some shots due to bloom, even with Rifled Barrel extending your range and tightening your cone of fire. Take your pick between Triple Tap and Exhumed, but neither is likely to make a big difference in your game.

#1 or 2 SUROS PDX-45

  1. Hammer Forged / Feather Mag | Private Eye | Lightweight / Smallbore
  2. Perfect Balance / Casket Mag | Rangefinder | Snapshot / Reinforced Barrel
  3. Fitted Stock / Oiled Frame | Unflinching | Snapshot / Smallbore

Roll 1 is probably the obvious choice this week, with the powerhouse combination of Hammer Forged and Smallbore bringing the well-rounded platform you need to dominate at mid-range. That said, there’s a strong case to be made for darkhorse candidate Roll 2 instead – maxing out Range massively enhances the consistency of your headshots.

Improving this gun’s range and hit detection is key to making it competitive in PvP, so we’d recommend this roll for Rangefinder and Reinforced Barrel. Perfect Balance pretty much makes up for what Reinforced Barrel takes away. We would have loved to see a roll with Counterbalance, as there’s no perk that can stand up to the power of perfectly vertical recoil, but this gun can still be a beast without it.


Notable Rolls from Other Weapons


  • Smart Drift Control/Field Choke; Crowd Control; Spray and Play; Single Point Sling/Hand Loaded/Rifled Barrel

Roll 3 is a great pick for this weapon! Field Choke adds range and impact, Crowd Control helps you seal the deal against piles of adds or unexpected close quarters 2v1 situations in the Crucible. Spray and Play is easy to use with the higher rate of fire, and encourages you to avoid reloading while in close combat. Finally, Rifled Barrel brings some MUCH needed range to make this a really solid shotgun.

Suros JLB-47

  • Warhead Verniers | Single Point Sling | Grenades & Horseshoes | Javelin

You may already know that this one’s for sale this week – if you don’t have a package, this roll is a great example of why you need one! With excellent blast radius, velocity, handling and – most importantly – proximity detonation, this is one of the definitive PVP rocket launchers in the game today.

Thesan FR4

  • Spark IS6 / Torch HS2 | Hot Swap | Single Point Sling / Braced Frame | Eye of the Storm

And here’s another visual aid in support of picking up packages this week! This roll for the Thesan is just dripping with accuracy boosts. Hot Swap and Single Point Sling make an excellent combo for dropping enemies as you round a corner, if you feel the maxed Stability is more than you need – but maxed Stability is pretty great, too! Eye of the Storm helps you fight flinch while charging, if you get caught out in the open and can result in a pretty dramatic accuracy boost! Take your pick of scopes, but I love the Torch for that extra touch of aim to help you lock on target from the get-go.

Hakke Gaheris-D

  • Truesight IS / Sureshot IS | Surrounded | Zen Moment | Speed Reload / Explosive Rounds / Reinforced Barrel

Roll 3, while not ideal, is just plain good for any and all game modes. In PVP, you’ll definitely want Reinforced Barrel’s big Range bump. Explosive Rounds offers great flinch, but I think you would need to combo it with Rangefinder to reduce ghost shots and stay on target. That said, in PVE Explosive Rounds is the obvious choice, and just demolishes enemies of all stripes.

Suros ARI-45

  • SLO-19 / SPO-26 / SRO-41 | Hammer Forged / Appended Magazine | Speed Reload / Reinforced Barrel | Counterbalance

While this gun is pretty low on my list of recommendations, it definitely showed up with a great roll today! Hammer Forged plus Reinforced Barrel plus Counterbalance makes this gun, already easy to handle, a mid-range machine, landing headshots far outside the normal effective range of Auto Rifles. Throw a shotgun into your Special slot, and you have a pretty decent combo.


Next Week’s Orders

Weapon Type Impact Notable Stat
SUROS ARI-41 Auto Rifle Medium AA (72)
Thesan FR4 Fusion Rifle High Stability (81)
Herja-D Pulse Rifle Medium Stability (72)
SUROS JLB-47 Rocket Launcher N/A Velocity (74)
SUROS JLB-42 Rocket Launcher N/A Velocity (67)


This is another Monte Carlo style auto rifle coming in at a whopping 68 base stability. Its range is about as low as we’ve seen at 17 though, so this gun will absolutely depend on range perks to have any use outside of close range PvP. Other than that, it has high Aim Assistance and decent reload speed, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on the rolls next week. Look for Range perks like Hammer Forged and Rifled Barrel first, and stability / accuracy enhancers second.

Thesan FR4

Here’s the winner – it’s a must-order this week! It comes in at 94 Impact and 81 Stability, so you won’t even need to worry about perks. Of course, that doesn’t mean that perks can’t help it; this gun can benefit from range perks, and reload speed is always key in Crucible and Strikes. Check for Braced Frame to maximize your Stability or Accelerated Coils to give you that slight edge in charge time.


The Herja-D has the impact archetype of the Vanguard’s Apple of Discord.While it can deal 25 damage on a headshot and fires 4 rounds per burst instead of 3 (yielding 200 damage on 8 consecutive headshots), the recoil is rough enough that this is a pretty unlikely scenario. Secret Round would be a great perk on this gun, but unfortunately it’s not available. Instead, look for Headseeker or Crowd Control coupled with as many Range and Stability bonuses (Counterbalance) as you can find.


Another week of double rockets! As always, here are the standard rules for this situation: If you want the best chance at a roll, buy both packages! That way, you have six chances at something decent. If you want to pick one, buy the JLB-47. This one is basically the same as the JLB-42 but with a bit more velocity. This has always been a good Rocket Launcher, so we’d recommend picking up an order if you don’t already have a good one to rely on!