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Armsday Weapon Suggestions

Incoming Shipments

Any – SUROS DIS-43 | Scout Rifle

  • Fitted Stock, Spray and Play, Hand-Laid Stock
  • Perfect Balance/Casket Mag, Rodeo, Lightweight/Reinforced Barrel
  • Fitted Stock/Oiled Frame, Outlaw, Speed Reload/Rifled Barrel

#1 is about as good as it can get for PvE, #2 may be better for PvP, and #3’s Outlaw perk is hard to pass up. Spray and Play, as usual, is one of the best perks for those situations where you want to lay as much damage into a boss as possible and then get to your next clip as quickly as you can. Hand-Laid stock and Fitted stock will boost stability to insane levels, and the only tradeoff is a bit of range (but this gun already has plenty of range). You’ll be left with a fast-reloading Scout Rifle that you barely have to aim. What more could you want for missions, strikes and even raids?

Any – Thesan FR4 | Fusion Rifle

  • Army of One, Skip Rounds/Braced Frame, Life Support/Danger Close
  • Replenish, Snapshot/Injection Mold, Underdog/Surrounded
  • Hotswap, Skip Rounds/Hand-laid Stock, Life Support/Surrounded

No clear winner this week, so if you’re looking for a roll that can be competitive in the Crucible, you’ll need to wait until next week. If you do decide to roll the dice again, look for perks like Rangefinder/Underdog/Eye of the Storm, Accelerated Coils/Braced Frame and Hot Swap. These perks focus on a combination of stability, accuracy and charge speed to boost this already great fusion rifle towards deadly levels.

#2 or 3 – Herja-D | Pulse Rifle

  • Army of One, Rangefinder, Fitted stock/Reinforced Barrel
  • Surrounded, Spray and Play, Snapshot/Hand Loaded/Hand Laid Stock

With the recent positive adjustment to Hakke Pulse Rifles, we’re curious to see how these guns will fare in Crucible. This roll addresses the gun’s main weakness, range, but it doesn’t offer Counterbalance, which is the gold standard for correcting the awkward recoil pattern. Regardless, Rangefinder and Reinforced Barrel can give you all the range you will need. The cooldown reduction of Army of One gives this roll viability in PvE, as you’ll be able to pick off targets at long range while restoring your ability cooldowns.

Any – Uzume RR4 | Sniper Rifle

  • Arc – Triple Tap, High Caliber Rounds/Hand-Laid Stock, Unflinching/Mulligan
  • Void – Triple Tap, Lightweight/Injection Mold, Life Support/Exhumed
  • Solar –  Firefly Lightweight/Reinforced Barrel, Unflinching/Shoot To Loot.

Rank #2’s roll beats out Rank #1’s roll on the account of having a low-zoom scope, but they’re all good for different situations. Triple Tap is the key, rewarding precision shots with extra ammo. This will always be preferred for PvE when you’re trying to take down a high-ranking target. Injection Mold boosts handling to make those headshots easier to get, and when the going gets tough, a clutch Life Support kill can save your life.

#2 – Eirene RR4 | Sniper Rifle

  • Performance Bonus, Injection Mold, Clown Cartridge

Here we have an awesome-looking build for ammo conservation that should work out in both PvE and PvP. Performance bonus has a chance of rewarding ammo on kills, and Clown Cartridge has a chance of rewarding ammo on reloads. Together, they could add up to some seriously extended ammo supplies, and with the recent changes to special ammo in 3v3 Crucible, this could be a welcome addition to your arsenal. Injection Mold is always preferred for snipers when it comes to its handling buff, and although we don’t have a low-zoom scope, the Yepaki SS2 is standard zoom and comes with a handling buff.


Next Week’s Orders

Weapon Type Impact Notable Stat
SUROS ARI-45 Auto Rifle High Range (48)
SUROS JLB-42 Launcher Velocity (67)
SUROS JLB-47 Launcher Velocity (74)
Jingukogo-D Shotgun Medium Range (12)
Strongbow-D Shotgun Medium Range (10)


This is a slower rate of fire Auto Rifle with a very balanced, middle-of-the-pack stat blend. Overall, it will need a boost to stability in order to become a reliable Crucible threat, but it’s base 48 range should keep it viable in most engagements.


Once again, the Gunsmith is offering both Rocket Launchers this week. Both launchers have fantastic stats, and if you order both, you have a better chance of one of the rolls being awesome. However, if you want to save some glimmer and just order one, pick the JLB-47. The stats on these two are relatively identical, but the JLB-47 has higher Velocity. Next week, we’ll be looking for Tracking or Grenades and Horseshoes. Everything else is icing on the cake.


If you’re looking for a medium range shotgun (Patch-A or Next Big Thing archetype), both of these guns can fill that need. Their stats are very, very similar, so the same logic applies to these that applied to the rocket launchers. Order both of these if you want a better chance at a good roll next week, but if you’d like to stick to just one, the Jingukogo-D has slightly better range and reload time, which may serve you well in both PvE and PvP.