gunsmith armsday

Armsday Roll Recommendations


  1. Hammer Forged/Feather Mag, Lightweight/Reinforced Barrel, Rodeo
  2. Fitted Stock/Appended Magazine, Lightweight/Injection Mold, Focused Fire
  3. High-Caliber Rounds/Feather Mag, Single-Point Sling/Smallbore, Private Eye

Be prepared for a “meh” week of Armsday rolls. We’ll start off with the ARI-41. Roll #1 is solid, but that’s about all we have to say about it. Hammer Forged and Rodeo will help the gun out with range and recoil control. We’d recommend Lightweight over Reinforced Barrel to preserve stability as well. Overall, you’ll be left with a decent Auto Rifle that could do some work in PvP if you’re comfortable with the mid-impact archetype. However, there are much better rolls out there.


  1. Hammer Forged/Appended Magazine, Single-Point Sling/Reinforced Barrel, Hip Fire
  2. Fitted Stock/Feather Mag, Single-Point Sling/Injection Mold, Private Eye
  3. Perfect Balance/Casket Mag, Speed Reload/Hand-Laid Stock, Outlaw

Roll #3 gives us a lot of what we were looking for. Perfect Balance and Hand-Laid Stock can maximize your stability, but you could also opt for Speed Reload for a slight boost for reloads in PvE. Outlaw’s reload bonus is amazing and highly suited for PvE, but make sure your kill-shot is a precision shot in order to activate the bonus.


  1. Unflinching, Performance Bonus, Perfect Balance/Snapshot/Injection Mold
  2. Take a Knee, Partial Refund, Perfect Balance/Snapshot/Injection Mold
  3. Unflinching, Performance Bonus, Perfect Balance/Quickdraw/Injection Mold

Each of the Tamar-D’s rolls this week are middling at best. With the almighty Surplus in the perk pool for PvE, you’re going to want to wait things out until you see something better. Ideally, look for Surplus, Spray and Play and Perfect Balance for the ultimate PvE sniper build.

Uffern HC4

  1. Third Eye, Lightweight/Braced Frame, Exhumed/Eye of the Storm
  2. Zen Moment, Snapshot/Injection Mold, Triple Tap/Eye of the Storm
  3. Zen Moment, Snapshot/Braced Frame, Rescue Mag/Eye of the Storm

The Uffern HC4 desperately needs range, and none of these rolls address range. Not only that, but we aren’t seeing any of the best perks in the Omolon Hand Cannon perk pools like Luck in the Chamber or Firefly. Pass on these and wait until another week if you can.


  1. Glass Half Full, Rodeo, Single-Point Sling/Hand Loaded/Reinforced Barrel
  2. Headseeker, Full Auto, High-Caliber Rounds/Speed Reload/Reinforced Barrel
  3. Danger Close, Counterbalance, Single-Point Sling/Hand Loaded/Reinforced Barrel

Don’t be fooled by Full Auto on Roll #2. With a slow fire rate, the Lyudmila-D won’t benefit from Full Auto like a fast-firing gun would. Roll #3 isn’t perfect by any means, but if you’re looking for a decent PvE primary, it could hold you over until you find something better. Counterbalance will make headshots easier in PvE and PvP, but Danger Close’s utility is limited to PvE only. You’ll probably want to stick with Hand Loaded to preserve your stability as well.


Next Week’s Orders

Weapon Type Impact Notable Stat
SUROS DIS-43 Scout Rifle Medium Range (77)
Gaheris-D Auto Rifle Highest AA (80)
Kumakatok HC4 Hand Cannon Lowest AA (74)
Herja-D Pulse Rifle Medium Stability (72)
Strongbow-D Sniper Rifle Medium Stability (56)


This Scout Rifle falls in a Vision of Confluence archetype, and with a magazine size of 19, it should be great for PvE despite its stability issues (base 48). With a range of 77, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a situation where this Scout Rifle isn’t hitting for full damage.


This Hawkmoon archetype Hand Cannon will need help to fix its 23 base range, but with 80 Aim Assistance, we’re willing to hold out hope that we can make it work. This gun also has decent base stability and a very attractive Recoil Direction stat (something we don’t mention that often unless it’s really high). If you want a balanced Legendary Hand Cannon, this gun can be the answer to your problems as long as you don’t mind the small clip size of 7.

Kumakatok HC4

This is a Down and Doubt 00-0 clone. It’s in the lowest impact tier with decent stability and great aim assistance. Without a range buff, this gun’s 15 range may only be good enough for low-stakes PvE. However, OMOLON offers us plenty of chances for Firefly and Triple Tap, so this gun could definitely shine in Strikes and questing situations.


The Herja-D has the impact archetype of the Vanguard’s Apple of Discord. It comes in with a fantastic 72 stability and 68 reload speed, so next week, we’ll be looking for Counterbalance to correct the awkward Hakke recoil pattern and more stability to make it a laser in PvE and PvP.


This shotgun is no different than the Dead Orbit’s Patch-A, the Crucible Quartermaster’s The Next Big Thing or the test shotguns we’ve been using week to week. Basically, this shotgun is a low-impact, high rate of fire archetype that won’t be preferred in PvP but can work in PvE. With Full Auto, it’s finding a niche in Crucible by emphasizing a higher rate of fire than the normal high-impact shotgun.