gunsmith armsday

Taken King Armsday Guide

Contributing Author: Alex R.

Incoming Shipments

#1 or #3SUROS DIS-47

    1. Fitted Stock/Oiled Frame | Hip Fire | Speed Reload / Hand-Laid Stock
    2. Hammer Forged/Casket Mag | Rodeo | Speed Reload / Reinforced Barrel
    3. Perfect Balance/Oiled Frame | Outlaw | Snapshot / Smallbore

Low RoF Auto Rifles hate him! While less forgiving than its mid Rate of Fire fellows, it will reward skilled shooting with a highly respectable time-to-kill that keeps it A Tier for PVP. Speaking of, this fast-firing scout is well equipped to take advantage of Suros’ top of the line PVP perks, and we landed a solid roll with Perfect Balance and Smallbore providing really solid bumps to your Stability and recoil control, as well as a small Range boost.

What more can you say about a roll like this? You’ve got more stability with Perfect Balance and Smallbore as well as a hint of extra range. This comes at the cost of reload speed. Solution? Aim with precision and get Outlaw to activate! The reload bonus from Outlaw is insane, and it’s something you can rely upon in PvE in particular to take your reload speed to super fast heights. In PvP, the stat blend speaks for itself, but Outlaw may not help you as much considering precision kills aren’t as easy versus other Guardians.

#2 – Herja-D

  • Crowd Control, Rangefinder, Hand-Laid Stock

A sad shell of its former self, the Herja-D is most hurt by the fact that its four round bursts take longer to fire than the three round bursts of other weapons, meaning you’ll need more time to 3-shot opponents. Unfortunately, while the gun can still conceivably 2-shot enemies in the Crucible, it is unlikely to happen due to accuracy and damage nerfs.

Hand-Laid Stock helps this gun’s stability tremendously, but we’d still like Counterbalance to fix the recoil pattern. Regardless, Rangefinder will compensate for the range penalty from Hand-Laid Stock, balancing out the stat blend for PvP. As for PvE, Crowd Control comes into play for extra DPS when you are able to chain kills. Overall, this is a good roll, but if you’re looking for a perfect gun, you’re going to need to wait for Counterbalance to show up!


  1. Heavy Payload/Flared Magwell | Grenades And Horseshoes | Javelin/Lightweight
  2. Single Point Sling/Speed Reload | Surplus | Perfect Javelin/Quickdraw
  3. Heavy Payload/Flared Magwell | Vacuum | Javelin/Snapshot

Rinse, repeat. This is the same gun as the JLB-47, except with lower Rocket Velocity, lower Reload Speed, and lower Aim Assist. It’s still an A Tier for PVP and will do just fine in other game modes, too. PLUS, Roll 1 is perfection this week! Blast Radius and Velocity couldn’t be any better with Hard Launch, Heavy Payload, and Javelin, and Grenades & Horseshoes lets you take full advantage of that huge Blast – enjoy!

Heavy Payload and Javelin are the best you can get in their respective spots, offering simple stat increases to blast radius and velocity. Grenades and Horseshoes is the star here; proximity detonation makes aiming a whole different ballgame in Destiny.


  1. Heavy Payload/Speed Reload | Surplus | Javelin/Lightweight
  2. Single Point Sling/Flared Magwell | Vacuum | Perfect Balance/Quickdraw
  3. Heavy Payload/Speed Reload | Reactive Reload | Perfect Balance/Snapshot

The gun’s base stats are so good that, despite a measly Inventory stat (how much ammo you pick up from each ammo brick), it still easily rates an A Tier for PVP, and an S Tier if you’re running a Heavy Ammo  Rocket Ammo Chestpiece + Boots (sorry Hunters). At this point, you shouldn’t be settling for anything less than Tracking or Grenades and Horseshoes, so if you need to wait until future weeks, accept no substitutes! Heavy Payload and Javelin complete the wish list, so keep an eye out for those.

#1 or #3 – Aoife Rua-D

  1. Unflinching | Zen Moment | Perfect Balance / Snapshot / Braced Frame (ARC)
  2. Counterbalance | Partial Refund | Perfect Balance / Snapshot / Braced Frame (VOID)
  3. Unflinching | Zen Moment | Perfect Balance / Snapshot / Braced Frame (SOLAR)

Unfortunately, it can’t revive snipe and fires too slowly for reliable double taps, scoring it a Tier C rating in PVP. Rolls 1 and 3 are identical aside from the elements (Arc and Solar), and Roll 2 is pretty similar aside from having Void, so you could make a pick based on that.

For PvE snipers, you’ll have to choose between Arc and Void damage. As usual, we’d recommend Arc damage for Taken Centurions in the Raid, but if Taken Wizards give you trouble, feel free to go for Void. Damage types aside, the Aoife isn’t a compelling sniper if it doesn’t have Surplus, so you’re left with some decent stability with Perfect Balance and Zen Moment. If that’s not enough for you, wait for the Gunsmith to offer this with Surplus.


Next Week’s Orders

Weapon Type Impact Notable Stat
SUROS DIS-47 Scout Rifle Lowest Range (77)
Uffern HC4 Hand Cannon Medium-High Stability (70)
Strongbow-D Shotgun Medium RoF (23)
Uzume RR4 Sniper Low Reload (75)
Aoife Rua-D Sniper Low Reload (68)


This gun gets a lot of love in the Destiny community for its ability to shoot so fast and roll with Full Auto. If you get a good roll on this gun, it can be a monster in both PvE and PvP. It also has good aim assistance, so it has huge potential in the Crucible, but we’ll be hoping for stability buffs to keep its quick shooting on target.

It’s still highly rewarding for skilled shooters, still has great base stats, and still has an amazing perk pool.

Uffern HC4

This Omolon Hand Cannon, along with The Vanity from the Future War Cult, has a unique impact archetype, right below the highest but still higher than the Hawkmoon and Fatebringer. The gun will probably look and feel nice due to Omolon’s design and the base stability of 70, but we’re seriously worried about the low base range of 24. Hopefully there are some range perks offered next week.

It is easy to use, feels great, and is extremely forgiving; requiring only 1 / 3 shots to hit the head to achieve its maximal kill time.


This shotgun is no different than the Dead Orbit’s Patch-A, the Crucible Quartermaster’s The Next Big Thing or the test shotguns we’ve been using week to week. The Strongbow shines most in PVE where the ability to quickly pump out shells lets you drop high health enemies without slowing down. With Full Auto, it’s finding a niche in Crucible by emphasizing a higher rate of fire than the normal high-impact shotgun.

Uzume RR4

This Sniper Rifle shares the impact/RoF class of the Eye of Sol, but it packs way more base stability at 58. In non-revive game modes, this is a great option for getting quick headshots or double tapping for body shot kills. We’ll be looking for something like Triple Tap or Zen Moment for PvE while hoping for a Faucon SS1 low-zoom scope for PvP. Firefly and Clown Cartridge can make it fun for PVE, but you’ll do much better against bosses with a high Impact sniper (like the Eirene). Watch out for Performance Bonus, Quickdraw, and Unflinching too.

Aoife Rua-D

The Aoife Rua-D is very similar to Hakke’s Tamar-D Sniper Rifle. It has equivalent Impact to the Low-Grade Humility and Patience and Time. However, with a base stability of 34, you’ll best be aiming for headshots and not double-taps. If you like sniping in PvE, order one of these! Hakke’s scopes are a bit different than the ones offered by the Vanguard and Crucible Quartermasters, so you may have to adapt to use this gun in high-stakes PvP.

Without the ability to rez-snipe or easily double tap enemies, the Aoife Rua-D doesn’t make a great choice for PVP right now, but it is a stellar sniper for most PVE activities, especially if it rolls with Surplus.