5 Great Custom Game Types

On Tuesday, following the MLG Destiny Showcase and our first look at the future of competitive shotgunning, Bungie announced the PVP feature we’ve been waiting for is now available! You can’t mess with things like gravity and sprint speed, but you can select game type, map, score, time limit, and a host of other options. There’s also Dead Ghosts to find!

While this certainly paves the way for an it’s-really-happening competitive Destiny scene, it also means we can now invent our own zany game types to play with our friends. And that, in my humble opinion, is the best part.

There’s already a subreddit devoted to Destiny’s private matchmaking, and it’s no surprise that intrepid Guardians have already suggested a host of sure-to-entertain custom game options.

If you have your own ideas, please share them!


Jousting by /u/Seraphim755

How it works: load up any game type in Crossroads. You know, the Mars map with the giant, Guardian-launching teleporty things? Select “Mayhem” mode to ensure lots of heavy ammo. Then do this:

“Two Guardians square off across the gap on Crossroads. On a count of 3 from a neutral party, they jump onto the lift pads and attempt to swing into each other with their swords. Points are awarded when one Guardian manages to kill another with a sword swing. If they both fall, they reset and try again.”

Flying swords? Fan-freakin’-tastic. We’ll be trying this one out for sure. Have at ye, wretch!


Infection by /u/RiseOfBacon

Now, this theoretical game type has a host of possible variations, so you and your band of merry undead warriors will have to agree on the rules beforehand. For those unfamiliar, Infection is sort of like Halo zombie tag. One Guardian is designated as the “Infected,” and every time they kill another Guardian, that Guardian also becomes “Infected” – until the last fighter standing wins.

Here’s RiseOfBacon’s initial suggestion:

“ALL players must have HUDS OFF. To distinguish between infected and Guardian, certain shaders will be required to differentiate e.g. infected use Glowhoo, Guardians use Chatterwhite’ (Just examples). Guardians will be using sidearms and Grenades ONLY and CANNOT use BLINK jump but can use others. Guardians must also reduce agility stat to LOWEST possible. Infected will be using Shotguns only and be required to use BLINK jump. Infected to increase Agility to max.”

/u/AustinxRyan thinks that it might be better if “the infected use swords (no blocking) and guardians use shotguns for that old school Halo feel.”

Whichever ruleset you decide upon, we’re certain you’ll find the special sauce that works just right for your group.


Dodgeball by /u/RiseOfBacon

This one is pretty simple. Turn on Mayhem – any kind of Mayhem. The only rule is as follows: STICKY GRENADES ONLY. Sunsingers, Defenders, Sunbreakers, and Bladedancers all have access to these fun and fatal little toys.

Remember, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a hand grenade. We hope.


Duck Hunt by /u/The_Rick_14

Ah, the good old days of the Super Nintendo, recreated with futuristic weaponry beyond our comprehension. It’s Duck Hunt! Sort of. Load up some Mayhem Clash, and here’s what you’ll do:

  • Hunters only.
  • No Deadeye, Combusion, or Achlyophage Symbiote.
  • Nightstalkers can use Bones of Eao

Teams will alternate between who is shooting and who is evading. The shooting team will go one player at a time who will stand in a designated spot and cannot move.

The evading team must stay within the designated playable area. Other members of the shooting team can stand at the boundaries to make them more visible to players.

The shooter is allowed 6 total golden gun shots within a maximum of 2 super usages. The evading team uses Nightstalkers and must try to avoid as many shots as possible.

Once you’ve done all that, it’s time to hunt. The team with the most points after all 6 shooters have gone, wins. And remember – when you come out on top, be sure to snicker like that horrible little dog always did.


Showdown on Dwindler’s Ridge

Private matches will give new meaning to the phrase, “1v1 me bro,” and you know what that means: It’s High Noon, Guardians. Best you acquit yourselves with honor.

The map and game type don’t matter, but you’ll need at least three Guardians: two duelists and an undertaker. Be sure that the latter speaks with a sufficiently Western accent. All must be equipped with either Thorn or The Last Word.

Designate two fighters. They stand with their backs to one another. The undertaker begins to count down from ten, and as they do so, the duelists walk away from one another. On “Zero,” the duelists turn and try to gun down their foe. No jumping allowed, and Last Word users must hip-fire only.

Do this one tournament style. For best effect, wear a poncho and only speak with yer teeth clenched t’gether.