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Exotic Weapon Bounty & Much More

Published on: May 15, 2015 @ 11:43

With 1.2 there was also a behind-the-scenes database update! The following is what was added/updated, but more is coming on May 19th.


Story Missions

  • Queen’s Ransom – Follow Skolas into Vex territory to aid in his capture for the Queen.
  • A Kell Rising – Head off the House of Wolves on Venus before their Kell, Skolas, can wrest control of the House of Winter.
  • The Silent Fang – Stop Skolas’s elite assassins before they tear through the Cosmodrome.
  • The Ruling House – Scour the Cosmodrome for Skolas and the invading Wolves.
  • Wolves’ Gambit – Track Skolas and his crew of Wolves along the Ishtar Cliffs.


  • The Archon-Slayer – This renegade Wolf was dangerous enough before he murdered one of his own Archons.

Quest Bounties

  • Gone to Ground “Paladin Abra Zire pursued the Silent Fang from Amethyst to Iris. There, Drevis sprang her trap.” —The Maraid
  • The Kell of Kells – “Prince Uldren’s Crows discovered the Wolves had miscalculated the trajectory of asteroid Bamberga. A slight error, but a fatal one.” —The Maraid


PoE Challenge Modes

  • Machine Wrath – Archon Servants have raised their own corrupted Servitor-god, Kaliks Reborn. Defeat it and be rewarded.
  • Cult of the Worm – Gulrot, Unclean has been summoned by the Worm Keepers. Don’t let the beast’s filth spread beyond the prison.
  • Urrox’s Grudge – The Flame Prince Urrox vows to burn the Light until all that remains is Darkness and bone.
  • Broken Legion – Valus Trau’ug seeks to prove his might by crushing all who challenge him.
  • The Forever Eater – Qodron, a Vex chronovore, sees only one outcome: your demise. Prove it wrong.
  • Skolas’s Revenge – Skolas and his crew challenge the Guardians who captured him. Face him with a Fireteam of three. End him.


Legendary Fallen-themed Weapons

These aren’t all the endgame weapons, but they’re the only ones currently in the DB. Notice they each are primary & have elemental damage, unlike the Kinetic version that was on sale for a Weapon Core.

fallen weapon perks
Randomly selected end tier perks

It’s unclear where exactly these will be obtained from. We saw “Wolfslayer’s Claw” on sale from Variks, but it didn’t have the “II” that this one does, and it didn’t have elemental damage.


Exotic Weapon Bounty


  1. The Elder Cipher – Take the Elder Cipher to Variks in the Reef.
  2. The Elder Cipher – Acquire the Queen’s Cipher from the Queen’s Chest in an Arena Challenge.
  3. The Elder Cipher – Return Queen’s Cipher to Variks.
  4. The Elder Cipher – Variks will summon you once the Elder Cipher is ready.
  5. The Elder Cipher – Kill Bosses in the Arena. Challenge Bosses are worth more.
  6. The Elder Cipher – Return to Variks in the Reef.



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